What is ITTI?

'ITTI - Intelligent Tech & Trade Initiative' is a multimedia project examining how cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and augmented intelligence (AI)  can bring about new functional and conceptual approaches, allowing for international trade transactions and negotiations to advance.

ITTI’s ultimate objective is to stir the debate involving the technology community, trade negotiators, business leaders and scholars on how to better pursue a constructive trade agenda. Mindful of both national and multilateral specificities, ITTI aims at countering deglobalization forces now operating in international trade.

ITTI gathers representatives from institutions and companies as different as ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), IBM, Gearbulk, UNCTAD and Columbia University in assessing how global trade can be positively impacted by the expanded use of blockchain and cognitive technology platforms

Why is ITTI so important?

Creating ITTI is an essential move that can drive trade beyond existing roadblocks. There is no doubt that blockchain and AI will boost trade growth.  These technologies can help both SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and Emerging Markets seize a bigger piece of the global trade pie.

What will ITTI strive to accomplish?

Deintermediation, trust and agile market access are made possible by new technologies.  Instrumental tools, such as bringing the Letter of Credit to a 21st Century blockchain-intensive marketplace, or modeling negotiation scenarios through AI, will enhance both transactions and trade agreements. ITTI will work so that such technologies are inclusive of companies big and small, countries rich or emerging, so all can benefit from their extraordinary potential.

What will ITTI produce? 

ITTI´s core activities will include the publication of research papers, establishing an internet-based platform, organizing conferences and the production of TV and YouTube documentaries and interviews series on the future of technology and trade.